Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pinterest Easter weekend wardrobe

I had a lovely outfit ready to post today, but as this week I seem to have come down with some sort of virus, which 

a) is making my muscles feel as though they have run a marathon and means all unnecessary outfit changes are a no-no,

b) makes it far too cold to put it on, I would catch my death,

c) would be unfair to force such images of me looking so bad and awkwardly posed (refer to a.) on to you all!

Therefore, I have resorted planning my Easter weekend wardrobe via pintrest!  As our weather is far from Easter-like I will unfortunately still be needing to wrap up warm.  I know that these outfits can be made up easily of items already in my wardrobe, which I can pick out easily whilst I'm feeling under the weather!








I always have to have an extra comfy outfit with me for cuddling up by the fire or just in case my muscles start playing up.  I am guessing that I will take my go-to weekend combination of leggings, vest top and checked shirt. Never fails and perfect for the countryside!

I think I could quite easily start planning every weekly wardrobe via Pinterest! Have you planned your Easter weekend and what you will be wearing?
A xx

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  1. I love everything about Easter, especially choosing my outfit! :) I love the first one. So spring-y! :)

  2. I love the deep red and dark gray palette.

  3. I love these outfits! I think the fuchsia and aqua one is my favorite - that nail polish is gorgeous!!

  4. Can I ask where you go the pink and aqua scarf? I LOVE it!!

    1. Hi, it's from Mark Jacobs, around £200 I think. It's so beautiful :)

    2. Ok! :) Thank-You!


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