Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mundane Midweek

I love Charlotte's new link up, Mundane Midweek.  I now no longer have to worry about how average my weekdays can sound in a post as they will have a purpose!  Soo...

Yesterday I should have been in work, however late Tuesday night as I was soaking in a hot bubble bath, Megan uttered those dreaded words..."Muummmm, I've been sick in my bed". So there went the night's sleep I'd been longing for and preceded a day at home (cue early morning text to boss saying I can't come in), on the sofa whilst the sun was gloriously shining outside.  Thankfully the little missy wasn't sick again yesterday but in between forcing fluids down her I washed load after load of washing.  To be fair, I was glad of the opportunity that hanging said washing on the line gave me to step out into the sun - desperate times I tell you!  Ironing the line-dried washing was just a step too far though, it now sits in the spare room awaiting a rainy day.

After being forced to listen / watch more Little Mix interviews and videos, I escaped to the bathroom to clean it and then the kitchen.  My friend popped in after the school pick up and I can always rely on her to tell me how rubbish / tired I look haha! Best get that makeup on before Dave gets home then!  Dave phoned on his way home from work and sounded stressed, so like any good girlfriend I checked there was a cold beer in the fridge for him.  He arrived home to me, hair not done (although I had managed to put some primer on my face - that was it though), house like a Chinese laundry and me wearing rubber gloves!  It wasn't my sexiest of days.  

After dinner, ironing work clothes for today and watching a bit of television bed called me.  Exciting day huh??

Link up with Charlotte's Web and share your Mundane Midweek, as much as I love the fun stuff, we all have them!


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