Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July's Favourite Things

I knew I'd been a bad blogger this month but it wasn't until I noticed that I'd only posted six times since June's Favourite Things, that I realised how bad!

So many lovely things have gone on this month that it has been hard to keep up and with this beautiful summer we've been having in the UK, we've just had to make the most of it.

1.  I had forgotten how much I loved Loreal Glam Shine Liquid Lip Colour, until I picked some up at the beginning of the month.   So creamy with just enough sparkle, this shade is Sand Crystal and it has gotten me through lots of events this month.

2.  I still can't believe that my little girl will be starting high school in September.  It was a very emotional day with her leaving primary school, 11 seems far too young.  I was so proud of her receiving an Outstanding Achievement Award for Welsh Language though. Such a little clever clogs!

3. My lovely friends visited Cardiff from North Carolina.  Tyler's mum, aunt and grandma made the trip for his graduation from law school and we were so pleased that they were here to help us celebrate Megan's birthday aswell.

They brought us lots of treats (twinkies, hersheys, pop tarts to name a few) and brought me some reading material!  I've enjoyed finding some time to put my feet up and read all about North Carolina and have started to make a list of places that I want to see when I visit!

4. The day after her birthday we took Megan to her first music festival.  She wanted to see her favourite band Little Mix and JLS (and some other acts that we'd never heard of!).  She had a ball although Dave had a very achey back from carrying her the whole time they were on and was deafened from her screaming!  Although the music wasn't exactly up our street, we had a fun day with friends and watching the girls enjoy themselves.

5. Amongst the madness of July, Dave and I managed to escape to the beach one day by ourselves.  We both needed a day to unwind and a day by ourselves in the sun.  We sat on the Victorian promenade for brunch and relaxed at one of my childhood haunts.  I have to be honest it was one of my favourite days this month. 

What were your favourite moments in July? Can you really believe that we are now well over halfway through the year?


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Monday, 22 July 2013

First day

Today is the first day of the school summer holidays, I can't quite believe how quickly this year has gone. I'm currently sat outside with my feet up on what might be the last day of British summer . Those pesky rain clouds are due back tomorrow :( Not only am I enjoying the sun but making the most of an hour peace after a wonderful but completely hectic weekend! This one may take a couple of days to recap!

Friday was not only Megan's 11th birthday it also her last ever day in primary school. My baby girl will be starting high school when term time returns in September. To say it was an emotional start to the weekend would be a big understatement! 

I'm so proud of the progress that she has made in the last year. It hasn't been an easy year in her life but socially she has come on leaps and bounds and academically she is flourishing. She was awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award in Welsh and achieved a level five in her national tests, a result the school has never achieved in Welsh before. 

After finishing school, she headed out with her school friends for a celebration and we then headed to Cardiff Bay for her birthday meal. It was the perfect start to the weekend, a beautiful evening with family and our friends who are visiting from North Carolina and the perfect excuse to wear my new Forever 21 dress that I got from Sharon and that Emily kindly brought to the UK for me :) 

Megan used the old line "No offence mum, but...." when asking if my sister or mum could make her birthday cake (fair enough to be honest, my cake baking skills aren't the best!) and my sister obliged by making this beauty!

We loved it! And so it seemed did everyone else on a night out down the bay by the number of comments that were made about it. My sister is a star! 

It was getting on for 11pm when we got home with a very tired birthday girl, but that didn't stop her opening the suitcase full (no I'm not joking) of goodies that Emily and Robin had brought over from the USA! All nutritious of course and should last a while! Thanks guys, one happy girl right here!!!

And that was the first day of a crazy two to follow tomorrow! 


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Monday, 15 July 2013

A Very British BBQ

This weekend we made the three hour trip to Surrey, Dave's hometown, my Dad's place of birth and where I used to live. We stayed with friends and headed to another of Dave's friends for a BBQ. The cottage was the ideal place for a summer BBQ, beautiful surroundings, vintage toys for the children and good company and food. The weather was scorching, the children took refuge in the paddling pool, with sprinklers in the adjoining field and in the shaded areas with tree swings.

Traditional British fare of Pimms and Eton Mess was in full flow and after the food a game of cricket with pretty much everyone involved in some way. 

A perfect afternoon all round. How did you enjoy the sun this weekend? 


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Thursday, 11 July 2013


It's been a lovely day today. After staying up passed midnight completing applications I got up as usual to work on some research for my museum exhibition. Tiredness was not going to stop me heading down the Bay to pick up some information and pop to Tyler's new apartment for a look around and cuppa. I'm very biased as I do love this little ol' city of ours, but it was looking beautiful in the sun and they are setting up ready for the annual Food Festival this weekend. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go as we are heading to Surrey tomorrow to visit Dave's friends for the weekend. Still I'm very excited as Tyler's family are arriving on Tuesday morning from North Carolina in time for his graduation :) 

Tyler has adopted Cardiff as his now aswell and I'm so pleased that he has such an amazing location to live for what may be his last year here. His mom is going to love this apartment but he wasn't too happy with me directing his cleaning whilst I put my feet up! I see it as my duty as his surrogate big sister to teach him some life skills whilst he's here!

I hope you'll all get to enjoy some of the sunshine again today. Where's your favourite place to head where you live when the sun is shining?


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Monday, 8 July 2013

Catching up

My posting here has been a little thin on the ground lately. I've been reading everyone else's blogs but really haven't had any time to update mine. Even if I had, there would be nothing to post other than I'm in work and work outfits which are pretty standard!! Over the last two weeks (including weekends) I have only had one day off. Trying to manage that and running around Megan's school schedule I've been pretty beat. But that all changed this weekend! I actually had the weekend off and it was great!

I counted down to home time Friday evening and Dave was there waiting to pick me up and so was the glorious sunshine. We headed to my parents to pick up Megan and wish them a happy wedding anniversary - 33 years of marriage. I love this picture of them when they were young :)

Saturday morning we headed back to my parents (good job they only live around the corner) to deliver my Mums birthday presents. After morning tea with the family, we went home to have brunch and spend the rest of the morning watching the final test of the British & Irish Lions v Australia - one happy girl right here! So proud of our boys and coaching staff! To make the day even better, one of my oldest and closest friends was in town for the weekend so we headed to Cardiff for a catch up. Don't ask me how it has happened, but a few years have gone since we saw each other last, a sad fact of grown up lives and distance. Megan was so excited to see her Uncle David and he finally got to meet my Dave aswell. The afternoon went all too quickly though and with promises never to leave it so long again, we headed home to enjoy the rest of the sun.  

Sunday morning was glorious once more so we enjoyed breakfast in the garden whilst Megan was getting ready at a friends house for a dance competition. We spent the afternoon watching her compete and in between dances headed out to catch up on Andy Murray's progress in the Wimbledon final and enjoy a bit of sun. It was a very long and hot day and difficult to keep the girls cool and hydrated between dances. Bit it was worth it to see Megan come away as winner of the Freestyle competition and receive 'highly commended' and 'honours' marks in her exam.

We raced back to watch the final few games as Murray became Wimbledon Champion, then after a light dinner in the garden cuddled up to watch The White Queen before bed. All in all, a fantastic British Summers weekend :)


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Monday, 1 July 2013

June favourites

A few things I've been loving over this weekend and the weekends throughout June :)

Sport - lots of it! Speedway GP at the Millennium Stadium to kick off the month, British and Irish Lions rugby tour in Australia, athletics and now Wimbledon! :) 

This Wimbledon app for my iPhone, keeping me up to date whilst I'm in work!

Having my niece an nephews over to stay, this little one is adorable! 

and this photo of her body painting herself with my sisters super-stay lipstick has made me giggle all month!!

Dresses - although my body is nowhere near ready to bare (thanks British summer), it's nice to be able to go out on the good days without layers and layers of clothes on.

This last weekend of June has been typical of the month and it looks set to continue into July!
I hope yours was a good one.

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