Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Black and White Weekends...


There seems to be a regular pattern forming to my weekends now autumn has descended. Wrapping up in hats and scarves during the day, heading out for a walk or to explore somewhere local that we haven't yet stepped foot on. Coming home and cooking an easy dinner, television on as the light fades, cuddling up with a warm and soft throw then opening a bottle of chilled Prosecco and a box of Thorntons chocolates or enjoying a scrummy desert. Should I be indulging every weekend? Maybe not...but with the sudden onset of autumn and the drastic change in temperature it seems like an enjoyable routine to me! Surely once a week won't hurt?
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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Marilyn Moments!

Last Friday night I pretty much packed up my summer wardrobe and brought out my autumn / winter clothes (sob!),  keeping out just a few dresses out that will last through the transitional period. Girly dresses, tights and a cosy cardigan are my 'go to' for comfortable yet cute outfits during the week. With the sudden weather change in the UK this week, I'm finding them the perfect combination, cosy enough to keep me warm during the chilly mornings, yet easy to peel off a layer when the sun breaks through for an hour or two giving a respite from the wind and rain. How much longer I'll be able to keep up the lighter fabric dresses though I'm unsure, the wind around these parts at times has already created a few near miss Marilyn moments!
Have you packed away your summer clothes? Also does anyone else's arm candy consist of hair bobbles? I've always got at least two!!
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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The First October Sunset


The sun setting by 7.30pm seems very strange, it shouldn't as it is October after all however, the beautiful summer like weather we've been experiencing here in South Wales is leaving me greedily still expecting lighter evenings. Although the mornings were chilly towards the end of September and required the heater to be turned on in the car and a light coat, by 10.30am the temperature was up requiring sleeveless tops and car windows open. Today, autumn made graced us with it's presence, a chilly morning stayed chilly and brought rain along with it. This evenings sunset (above, as seen from my bedroom!) was rather spectacular though.
The cooler, darker evenings do have their benefits though. Fairy lights, the glow of the fire, candles lit and snuggling up on the sofa with a throw and a hot cup of tea - perfect! Although I'm really going to miss summer, I am looking forward to wearing my new hat and scarf that I had for my birthday on the weekend and looking forward to cosy jumpers, cardigans and boots.
October always makes me think of Florida, as when we visit it's always this month and I've taken to the American tradition of decorating my fireplace for 'fall'. During our last visit I packed my suitcase full of sparkly pumpkins, scarecrows and other decorations and went to town decorating for Halloween. Talking of pumpkins, I'm not adverse to the odd spiced pumpkin beverage (although in hot chocolate not latte form), but I'm afraid peppermint still takes priority.
So, do you embrace the autumn chill or mourn the loss of summer? I'm kind of in-between!
Happy October!
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