Tuesday, 30 December 2014

December Happenings - Introducing Maya

I can't believe I've missed the last two festive weeks in blog land. I hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas and are enjoying what's left of any time off. I seem to have been living in some alternative world lately, so much has gone on yet we haven't really done too much. We enjoyed a very quiet Christmas this year, the main reason being that Megan and I were both very unwell the week before and I certainly wasn't up to doing anything elaborate. 

There are a distinct lack of photos from this Christmas mainly as I'm the one who would normally take them, but what we do have are lots of photos from our new arrival! 

Two weeks before Christmas (I know how crazy are we!), we drove to Swindon to pick up our beautiful rescue husky Maya. It wasn't perfect timing but she was everything that we'd been looking for and we knew we couldn't pass her up. She is 2/3 years old and when she was taken in was severely underweight. She's still small for a husky and we have some work to do but her foster carers have done a fantastic job in the seven months that they've had her. Can you believe they were looking after eight huskies! Some of them waved Maya off in the window when we took her home! 

The night we picked her up however, Megan ended up in hospital with breathing difficulties due to the sudden onset of a chest virus. She ended up off school for the last week of school and I picked it up aswell. Without wanting to be dramatic I can't remember the last time I was so unwell as it set off the fibromyalgia and I was left bedridden. The doctor told us it was lasting 1-2 weeks in children and 3+ weeks in adults, panic set in as we weren't ready for Christmas at all! Thankfully everyone loves Maya and there was no shortage of people offering to walk her for us. Much to Tim's relief, I was able to get up Christmas Eve (meaning he didn't have to cook dinner). We had as quiet a Christmas as possible with three children and we could start taking Maya to experience lots of 'firsts'. 

The day after Boxing Day we had a child free morning and although the weather was bad I needed to get out if the house and blow away the cobwebs. We took Maya to Ogmore by Sea in the Vale of Glamorgan. It's a stunning coast line where I have a lot of childhood memories and it was nice to create our own. The weather couldn't make up it's mind, when we arrived it was raining but there was the most beautiful rainbow, then the sun reappeared and the wind was biting. 

Maya was rescued from London and had never experienced the beach before and it's safe to say she loved it! I don't think she expected the waves to be as cold but she had fun chasing them and playing with some other dogs. 

As a husky she is a lot of work, she will walk for as long or as often as you will take her and is very cheeky, but the love and cuddles she gives outweigh all of that. I'd thoroughly recommend adopting a pet from a rescue centre, so many animals need a new loving home and it's heartbreaking the numbers that these devoted centres are looking after. We had spent a long time looking for the right dog and spent the whole afternoon with Maya and her foster carers to make sure that she was right for our family. We took her for walks and watched her with children and  the other animals, after all owning a dog is a huge responsibility and not something to do on a whim. The only thing I wouldn't suggest is having a real Christmas tree with a big dog - I seem to spend all of my time sweeping the pine needles! 

How was your Christmas? Are you still on holiday? Have you adopted a pup before? 


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Sunday, 7 December 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

A predictable post title today I'm afraid! But it really is looking like Christmas around these parts. After this weekend both Christmas trees are up, though the girls seemed to think colour blocking the tree decorations was a good idea on the second tree, which is driving my inner OCD crazy! To counter act, bubbly and Christmas films have made an appearance in the evenings. Friday it was The Holiday and tonight I'm thinking Elf.

Saturday night was spent eating the most delicious mezzĂ© and drinking mistletoe mojitos (cranberry and cinnamon) with the best company. If you're based in the South West of England I'd seriously recommend you try the MezzĂ© restaurants, we absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back. 

As usual Monday came around too quickly and it's going to be a very busy week around here. Christmas shopping needs to be finished and I've got a very busy working week. With only one week left at my current job I'm trying to put in as much as I can. 
Hope you had a good weekend and have a great week ahead. 


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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Weekend Words

I love pinning quotes on Pinterest, I have a board devoted to them and they are my go-to when I'm needing some inspiration or a pick me up. Each Saturday I will be sharing one from my ever growing selection! Please feel free to check out my 'Quotes Board'.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Oh dear Lord......New Kids On The Block and 1989

I live with a 12 year old Taylor Swift obsessed daughter so '1989' is on constant play and I'm sure that you've the '1989' tag that's going around blogosphere at the moment. So, I was reading an article about how Swifty is the only female artist to have bumped herself off the number 1 spot of the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and something about comparing her songs off her album '1989' to those that were actually released that year.
Then it happened......the article (and I can't think for the life of me which publication it was in) proceeded to state that New Kids On The Block released 'Cover Girl' that very year! I instantly felt old!! 25 year old Swifty was born the year that I was bopping around to NKOTB who themselves were moving around the stage in some synchronised fashion, white socks showing (oh the shame) and with hideous choices in shirts. At the same time on the playground debates were taking place over which Knight brother was hottest (Jordan of course) and I was proclaiming that I was undoubtedly going to marry Joey McIntyre...aah the memories!

Now for a trip down memory lane...

 So let's be honest how many of you remembered the words? I couldn't tell you how many years it is since I listened to any of their tracks but they instantly flooded back, I so wanted to be that girl on stage! Oh and doesn't Danny Wood look like Ross Geller? There we go again.... 'Friends' wasn't even a thing yet and wouldn't be for another four years.
I did rediscover the NKOTB guys last night mind and I would seriously suggest checking them out if you haven't recently - boy have they aged well - and yes you're welcome!
So Taylor Swift, as much as I like you and would rather my 12 year old be listening to you than the last obsession that was Little Mix, girls and guitars obviously rule -  I'm not sure that I can forgive you for reminding me of this aging processes that I have embarked on. Although I guess I do have the time to look forward to when Megan looks back at YouTube clips of One Direction or 5SOS and has the same freak out moment!

On a serious note though, I just read that poor Joey lost his mother yesterday. The last few years she had suffered with Alzheimers and after losing my uncle last month who also had the condition can sympathise at how tough it is to watch a loved one deteriorate. Sending love and prayers their way.
Which bands from your childhood / youth make you cringe? I'm off to listen to the rest of Hangin' Tough now I think!
* disclaimer - obviously this was part of my very short boy-band phase (apart from Take That, can't see me growing out of them) and before moving on to the indie / grunge scene that of course holds no embarrassment at all!
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Monday, 1 December 2014

Best Laid Plans

So at the end of last week I said (here) that this weekend would consist of a late Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah, that didn't happen thanks to a kidney infection making its appearance again. Ribs, chips, coleslaw and an After Eight Mint sundae at Beefeater did though, kind of an American theme though right! It did mean though that I managed to stay in bed most of the weekend which is what I wanted, so silver linings!

Oh and I also said herethat Christmas decorations don't happen in our house until December hits - yeah that didn't happen either because as this photo clearly shows, we have a Norwegian spruce parked nicely in our living room!

To be fair though I'm still against Christmas before December, however we worked out that this would be our only opportunity to pick up a real tree until the week before Christmas and I couldn't let my poor daughter wait that long before decorating! I love the shape of the tree and there's something magical about coming downstairs in the morning to the smell of a real tree. It's not fully decorated  yet, that will happen tonight and over the course of the week however we couldn't leave it up overnight without putting a few decorations on it! So yeah, best laid plans and all! I'm pretty glad though as I usually struggle with getting into the Christmas spirit but putting up the tree and Yankee's Christmas collection are certainly doing the trick.

In other news....well there isn't really any, the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet which is just as I wanted. This kidney infection has set the fibromyalgia off and left me unable to do a lot but it did mean that I could lie in bed with the cat, watch the rugby, binge on Nashville season 1 (again), watch more rugby (Way to go Wales!) and eat matchmakers to my heats content! 

And now here we are, December 1st where advent begins. much to Megan's delight that she can now have a chocolate every morning, where the stress of "I'm so unprepared for Christmas, must do better next year" starts and I begin my final few weeks at the museum! I have a feeling December is going to fly by and I can't wait to relax Christmas week :) 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, have your festive parties started yet? I know there were a few hangovers amongst my neighbours this weekend!


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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Weekend Words

I love pinning quotes on Pinterest, I have a board devoted to them and they are my go-to when I'm needing some inspiration or a pick me up. Each Saturday I will be sharing one from my ever growing selection! Please feel free to check out my 'Quotes Board'.

Friday, 28 November 2014

Weekend Plans

This is exactly how I will be spending tomorrow morning - a lie in, breakfast and a cup of tea brought back to bed, possibly an episode or two of Nashville, then scheduling some posts for next week and making 'to-do' lists for Christmas. Well that's how I want it to go anyway, whether it does or not depends on a twelve year old and the cat!
I'm not sure about you but this gloomy, cold weather has not made me want to get out of bed in the mornings and after the daughter's unexpected dental surgery this week and ending up with a kidney infection, a weekend of hibernation is exactly what I'm looking forward to! 
Megan is counting down to Monday when she can open the first door of her advent calendar and although she has started doing some Christmas crafts (oh how she is loving her new hot glue gun!), I am holding off on decorating for another week or so. No such thing happens in this house before December! However, today I'm going to start preparing by having a clean through the house, washing the winter sofa throws and blankets and getting out the fluffy socks - heck we may even start the weekend off by watching 'Elf' tonight with home made pizzas and a Yankee Christmas candle!
What are your plans this weekend? Will you be starting to trim up ready for December 1st?
Have a good one!
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Giving Thanks

Although we don't technically celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, with family and some very close friends in America it's always been something that we've acknowledged. This year I'm a little sad not to be enjoying my American bestie's Thanksgiving dinner. He lived in the UK for four years and this time last year I was very ill but tucking into his delicious turkey dinner along with friends in his apartment in Cardiff Bay. I still can't get my head around having turkey in November though, turkey's for Christmas y'all, let alone not having it for Christmas dinner (well in NC anyway, once again, turkey's for Christmas y'all!) but Thanksgiving has become a new tradition for us and I've been talking about how I'm going to miss it.
So I decided that we won't. Today is my gorgeous nephew's sixth birthday so this evening will be spent with him, however on Sunday I've decided to cook us a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and an apple and coconut crunch for dessert. It's an excuse to get our sparkly pumpkins back out (bought in Target on our last trip to the USA of course) and sit down together and be reminded of the things we have been blessed with.
This year has not been the greatest, from start to finish, so I am especially thankful for the special people in my life who have stood by me and supported me through it all. Also for my daughter's ASD support worker who has given me some light at the end of the tunnel. The people who have invested their time, money and faith in my business venture, my beautiful family, the man who gives me my strength and for waking up every single morning.
We have some very big decisions to make in the coming weeks and months and although they are playing heavily on my mind I am mindful that many people don't have the opportunities or prospects that we are privileged to be considering and extremely thankful for this.
Sending out prayers to those who are not as fortunate as us and wishing you a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Cosy Days

My poor girl had to have some emergency dental surgery this morning. Her baby tooth was obstructing the adult tooth coming through and with nowhere to go it cracked her baby tooth yesterday leaving her in lots of pain. Five injections and one extraction later she is cwtched up on the sofa with her duvet and the cheesy Christmas Movie channel on TV.

She's yet again amazed me with her bravery - there were tears when she didn't know what was going to happen (ASD means she suffers with heightened anxiety) but once the dentist explained the procedure she was calm and didn't even flinch during any of the injections. I would have been crying like a baby! It was her first experience with anaesthetic and made her giggle for an hour afterwards much to her own and everyone else's amusement. She's so groggy now though and a soft food diet was the perfect excuse for some 'Lovely Welsh Soup' and bread ( with lots of butter! ), my perfect winter comfort food. Christmas movies also meant opening my gift set of Yankee Christmas candles - today we chose 'Christmas Treats' - it smells divine and although I'm not completely in the Christmas spirit yet, it has certainly helped me along the way!

What is your favourite comfort food? I'm always up for trying something new. When does the Christmas spirit hit you? Are you like me and a late arriver to the holiday season?

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

We Shall Not Forget

At the moment I spend my days preparing for and teaching children and community groups about World War 1, as a social historian concentrating more on people's stories, experiences and the impact that events had on communities rather than the military strategies and statistics. I've studied the stories of soldiers, their families, read diaries, letters and watched countless documentaries of veterans emotionally reliving their experiences in the trenches. I've been privileged enough to take oral histories from men and women who experienced the Second World War first hand, trying to remain professional whilst struggling to hold back tears as I've listened to the horrors that they've experienced or witnessed, the pain of their memories etched on their faces and still evident in their eyes. I spend hours deliberating the best and most respectful way to honour those who have fallen and those who are left behind, both in the workshops I hold and the exhibitions I curate.

Still though, nothing prepares you for when the loss becomes personal. To see the face of someone you know, have lived amongst and cared for appear on the television without warning or on the front page of the newspapers with the headline 'Heroes Killed in Action' is something you never forget. To wake up suddenly as your husband has nightmares of the horrors he saw in Iraq and watch him crumble and lash out at sudden noises and flashbacks, without being able to do a thing as he tries to explain the scars he now bares. To know that you will never be able to understand and what you hear is only the tip of the iceberg. Yet, as painful as these experiences are we are the lucky ones. We are the ones who have so much to be thankful for and proud of and the ones who continue to sleep safely at night.

So to all those men and women who bravely gave their all for our freedom and security. Those who continue to serve our Queen and Country, those who may still be here but whose scars live with them, visible or invisible.

To Dale, Kyle, Kevin & Mac, may you forever Rest in Peace -

No, We Shall Not Forget.


*I was sent this image, I cannot find the original source to credit it.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Black and White Weekends...


There seems to be a regular pattern forming to my weekends now autumn has descended. Wrapping up in hats and scarves during the day, heading out for a walk or to explore somewhere local that we haven't yet stepped foot on. Coming home and cooking an easy dinner, television on as the light fades, cuddling up with a warm and soft throw then opening a bottle of chilled Prosecco and a box of Thorntons chocolates or enjoying a scrummy desert. Should I be indulging every weekend? Maybe not...but with the sudden onset of autumn and the drastic change in temperature it seems like an enjoyable routine to me! Surely once a week won't hurt?
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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Marilyn Moments!

Last Friday night I pretty much packed up my summer wardrobe and brought out my autumn / winter clothes (sob!),  keeping out just a few dresses out that will last through the transitional period. Girly dresses, tights and a cosy cardigan are my 'go to' for comfortable yet cute outfits during the week. With the sudden weather change in the UK this week, I'm finding them the perfect combination, cosy enough to keep me warm during the chilly mornings, yet easy to peel off a layer when the sun breaks through for an hour or two giving a respite from the wind and rain. How much longer I'll be able to keep up the lighter fabric dresses though I'm unsure, the wind around these parts at times has already created a few near miss Marilyn moments!
Have you packed away your summer clothes? Also does anyone else's arm candy consist of hair bobbles? I've always got at least two!!
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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The First October Sunset


The sun setting by 7.30pm seems very strange, it shouldn't as it is October after all however, the beautiful summer like weather we've been experiencing here in South Wales is leaving me greedily still expecting lighter evenings. Although the mornings were chilly towards the end of September and required the heater to be turned on in the car and a light coat, by 10.30am the temperature was up requiring sleeveless tops and car windows open. Today, autumn made graced us with it's presence, a chilly morning stayed chilly and brought rain along with it. This evenings sunset (above, as seen from my bedroom!) was rather spectacular though.
The cooler, darker evenings do have their benefits though. Fairy lights, the glow of the fire, candles lit and snuggling up on the sofa with a throw and a hot cup of tea - perfect! Although I'm really going to miss summer, I am looking forward to wearing my new hat and scarf that I had for my birthday on the weekend and looking forward to cosy jumpers, cardigans and boots.
October always makes me think of Florida, as when we visit it's always this month and I've taken to the American tradition of decorating my fireplace for 'fall'. During our last visit I packed my suitcase full of sparkly pumpkins, scarecrows and other decorations and went to town decorating for Halloween. Talking of pumpkins, I'm not adverse to the odd spiced pumpkin beverage (although in hot chocolate not latte form), but I'm afraid peppermint still takes priority.
So, do you embrace the autumn chill or mourn the loss of summer? I'm kind of in-between!
Happy October!
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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Desk Essentials & My New Venture


I was recently lucky enough to win a New Business Bursary from Chwarae Teg. It means 'fair play' in Welsh and is an organisation that aims to deliver a vision for “a Wales where women achieve and prosper”. As part of the bursary I have been given office space within their Cardiff office for six months and access to HR, social media and finance support to get my business off to a flying start! I am sharing an office with a lady called Sarah, who is setting up a career development business for women and it turns out that we went to the same high school and lived a village apart growing up. Such a small world!
(For anyone who would like to take a look my new business is called Cherished Heritage and you can follow us on Facebook here , Twitter here and Instagram here. We provide heritage education workshops and projects to community and school groups to help them engage in history in a funand hands on way and re-engage them in education. Our first project kicked off last week and focuses on the First World War as experienced in a South Wales mining village. I would love it if you would follow our progress! Also a big thank you to Ella of She & Life for designing our logo!)
Some days I have the office space to myself and if I am putting work packs together the space is covered in historic newspapers, primary sources etc, but as it isn't my permanent desk and I share the office, I am keeping the space uncluttered. I try to keep just my laptop and notebooks on the desk, but two essentials are always present wherever I go. Firstly, my cat mug for endless supplies of tea - in the morning Twining's Breakfast Tea and then fruit tea to keep me hydrated.  I struggle drinking plain water and find fruit or green tea much easier to drink, plus it still tastes good cold as I never seem to get around to it when it's hot! It is so important to drink enough water and I definitely notice if I haven't as I lose concentration, get terrible headaches and feel so so tired.
Secondly, hand cream. At the moment I am loving this Laura Mercier Vanilla Body Souffle which I received in one of the packages a couple of months back from Birchbox. My skin becomes very dry, especially my hands and I am paranoid about them looking old so I keep this on my desk to them feeling soft and not irritated. The smell is also gorgeous and it is so easy to keep applying it for that alone, if only it wasn't so expensive!
Have you set up your own business or thinking about doing so? What are your daily essentials? Do you have any hand cream recommendations?

Monday, 29 September 2014

Birthday Treats....


Wow - what a weekend! It was my birthday Saturday and it was both lovely and hectic at the same time. I've been so busy that I've not had chance to take some photos or edit others but I promise a catch up is on the cards!
For now, here's some of my birthday treats from the weekend.....
A trip to Starbucks - I had to leave the house while Megan finished off organising my surprise party! My first Pumpkin Spice of autumn (although in a soya hot chocolate form instead of latte) and a gluten free chocolate brownie.
The Chocolate Alchemist chocolate heart - so cute and very tasty!
Some of the fairy cakes Megan made me, showcased on my wax splodged table - we took too long to get to the table for everyone to sing Happy Birthday (much to Megan's dismay) and the candles burnt down to the point of disappearing!
I may have consumed another block of Lindt chocolate and a box of Milk Tray before I could even iPhone them but there is no evidence to prove it!
So now after a busy Monday and feeling extremely piggy for eating so much chocolate I may get around to editing some more posts!
How was your weekend? What treats have you enjoyed?
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Statement Home

I haven't posted one of these for a little while, but as my head has been all over the place lately I've spent a fair bit of time on Pinterest again getting lost in home inspiration. As the seasons change, I like to shake up my home a little, during autumn and winter I like to add some rich textures and colours but still keep a room light and airy as the darker days definetly impact negatively on my mood. The large windows and doors pictured here are definitely a feature I'd love. Here's hoping one day....

All sources and credits can be found here.


Getting through....

It's been a rough week, but I could never have imagined the bombshell that was about to hit, some things just completely floor you. It seems as though as soon as life thinks things are going too well someone comes along and throws a curve ball.

I'm not going to judge the people involved, we all make mistakes at some time or another I know I'm guilty of my fair share. Until I'm able to work my through my feelings rationally though it's time to pick myself up off the floor, wipe away the tears, put some lippy and a brave face on and face the world.


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Monday, 8 September 2014

September goals and wishes...

I'm a bit late with my September goals, but last week was lost in a daze between working and trying to manage a fibro flare up and some old demons that have resurfaced lately, so here's what's significant about September for me (albeit almost half way (eek) into the month).

I love September, for me the start of the academic year always brings the sense of a fresh start, much more than the official New Year in January. I love nothing more than a sunny but crisp September morning or the Indian Summer that often comes with it. I'm never in a hurry for summer to end, I seriously dislike the grey skies of winter and September usually brings the opportunity for cosy knits, without the need of coats and the sun still shining in the sky.

September also brings my birthday at the end of the month and this year I'm really wishing I could put it off. Not because of turning another year older (33 doesn't sound too great) but because I have so much work to get through before then. 

The 25th September sees the official start of my first School World War One project and I'm currently in a panic about how much preparation I've got left to do. It has seen a few set backs and I still have finding to finalise and lesson plans to prepare. Fingers are well and truly crossed that I get it done in time!

I am moving into a new office for six months tomorrow and this I am seriously excited for. At the end of July I was awarded a New Business Bursary which included the use of office space at the Chwarae Teg offices in Cardiff. Chwarae Teg means 'fair play' in Welsh and works towards equality for women in the workplace and promoting and supporting women starting their own businesses and  advancing their careers. I'm really looking forward to working surrounded by like minded women and in a supportive environment. I have so many ideas going forward and hoping that this opportunity will halp me channel them constructively. September for me always means a new bag and stationery that comes along with the new academic term, a new office calls for the same I think! I've yet to purchase a bag but I stopped off at Tesco last night and couldn't resist this pretty leverarch folder and some coordinating notebooks for my desk.

Let's be honest about this, I love Paris at any time of the year, but I love Paris in Autumn. The orange and falling leaves give the city a whole new lease of life and the autumn sun sets the skyline alight. I can't believe that it's been eleven months since I visited last and I really hope that (for my mental well being as much as anything) I can fit in a short visit. 

And here we are back at my health goals. It's quite apt considering this week is Fibromyalgia Awareness Week, that I have been struggling to manage my pain recently, which has led to a whole other load of problems (weight loss, depression, memory problems etc). I'm unable to take most prescription pain relief as they make me sick, dizzy and my concentration levels so bad that I struggle to function so I try to deal with the pain in other ways. I've altered my medication that I have to take but  have been looking into nutritional deficiencies that are common with fibromyalgia sufferers. So, Ive taken a trip to Holland & Barrett and armed myself with a hoard of supplements that I'm hoping and praying will help! I'm going to do a post dedicate to the specifics once my head is a bit clearer and I've given them a chance to start working, but this is my main goal this month, to persevere and put back on some of the weight I've lost.

Something to brighten my day though, Downton Abbey starts again in only nine days!! So excited for its return and it's just been announced that George Clooney will be starring in the Christmas episode - day instantly made brighter!

Do you have any specific goals this month? What are your favourite things about the start of Autumn? 


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September Sunshine

I love that the sun has reappeared this week, it's been a perfect weekend with just the right balance of being busy and relaxing. My grandfather celebrated his 85th birthday Saturday and received the perfect present, being offered a sheltered accommodation flat which is going to give him a whole new lease of life. 

Sunday was spent relaxing, cooking dinner and spending the afternoon at Cardiff Bay. For those who don't know, Newport hosted the NATO World Summit this last week with some events in Cardiff. We have spent a surreal week or so with the capital being guarded by armed police, military, tanks and warships from all over the world docked at the Bay. There's been an unprecedented 'no-fly zone' over the city apart from British and American military aircrafts circling the skies. After hosting the American President and other world leaders at the castle Thursday night, the focus shifted to a family fun day at the bay on Sunday. We didn't make it on to the newest British Destroyer, HMS Duncan or the French Naval Ship, La Motte Picquard, as just after arriving the queues were closed. I think the event was more popular than anticipated, in part due to the weather, and we were told that some people had queued for three hours to look around the ships.

We still enjoyed a lovely couple of hours looking around, being soaked by police search boats and Megan climbed over British army tanks and enjoyed being lifted up by a soldier. It would seem even at 12, Megan likes a man in uniform! The City Beach is still at Roath Basin, so we wandered around, enjoyed a Starbucks in the sun and soaked up the atmosphere. I hope that this weather is here to stay a bit longer, for me, there's nothing like a sunny afternoon down the bay and I'm not ready for it to end.

I hope you had a great weekend, did you make the most of the sun?


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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Goodbye Bank Holiday - Life Lately

So yesterday was the last British Bank Holiday of 2014 and characteristically it poured down with rain. To be fair it summed up the weekend perfectly as I've spent most of it in bed with a flare up (I'm attributing part of the cause the weather), but it also seemed like the end of summer. It has got pretty chilly in these parts over the last week or so and although we've had a pretty good summer weather wise, it's been hot and sunny for a fair amount of time but I'm really not ready for it to end. Ok, it's the cliche that it's gone too quickly but I really don't know where the summer holidays have gone with only one week left until Megan returns to school.

Now bank holiday has gone, the next week will be spent preparing for the new school term. Today the dreaded school uniform and shoe shopping where Megan will get frustrated that nothing feels right (she is touch sensitive) and there'll be no shoes that she likes.

It has also dawned on me that I haven't shared much about our summer here so here's a few things about life lately.

My iPad has been overtaken with Megan's selfies - I've deleted over 100 still 245 to go. Future blogger or what? Her latest obsession is also YouTube. She wants her own channel but I'm a little unsure at 12?

We visited the coast last week before the weather turned. I just love West Wales and being by the sea.

We are trying to house train this little monster! The last of our baby bunnies is coming to live indoors and he's a bit of a handful and is getting a bit spoilt. He has been keeping me company whilst I've been bed ridden though.

We've been enjoying some yummy breakfasts - a fave when my nephew comes to stay is pancakes, Nutella and strawberries. With only a week left before the normal routine returns I think we'll be getting a few more of these in.

So, before it's time to face the world (in all it's wet Welsh glory) I'm going to lie in bed with a cup of tea and make a list of everything to get done this week. How did you spend the bank holiday? Is summer already leaving where you are?

Goodbye Bank Holidays - see you next year!


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