Welcome to The Cherished. This is my personal lifestyle blog which draws upon and documents the things, moments and people who inspire me. I'm a mama and step-mama to three beautiful girls and I have recently moved from my home in Cardiff, South Wales to the Somerset countryside to be with my partner, best friend and love of my life.

Despite living in a sleepy little village, we live life in the fast lane, I am a historian and exhibition researcher specialising in Social History from 1900-1960 and run  'The Cherished' brand ; my partner works in motorsport. Most of our days consist of racing cars or history, but preferably a combination of the two. I'm also an athletics coach and mad about anything health and fitness related!

We love nothing more than taking off somewhere with our two dogs and exploring the beautiful countryside and coast that surrounds us, spending a lot of time back in South Wales. I draw a lot of inspiration from the places I have travelled to. I have a love of most things vintage, French and literature. I love to write and be creative and hope that you enjoy your time here.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate, please contact me using the tab above.


  1. For some reason your blog isn't letting me comment??

    I'm sorry to hear about your father. I hope he recovers soon!

    1. Thanks Ashley, he is doing much better now :) I'm having a problem with my blog, it has rearranged itself and won't allow comments even though I haven't changed my settings. I have no idea what to do!


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