Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What I Wore // Racing Weekend

It seems like forever since I published an outfit post, it has got to have been at least a year I'm guessing. I've not been in a very good place with my appearance and in all honesty I haven't really bought all that many new clothes to share. All of the pieces in this outfit are at least a year old and I've been working with what I already have. I suppose at least I'm living in a new place now and not many people will have seen the contents of my wardrobe.
We had an extended weekend this week as Friday was our youngest's birthday. We headed to The Mall at Cribbs Causeway late afternoon where I got over excited at all the shops (living in the country just doesn't hit it for shopping) and came back with a massive Boots haul! Dinner and a few cocktails hit the spot perfectly at TGI Friday's before heading home.
Sunday we travelled up to Herefordshire for a British round of the Autograss championship and the weather was beautiful. This Miso jumpsuit was perfect with a chambray shirt and comfortable Next sandals. The dogs enjoyed being outside all day, hiding in the van when the heat became too much and all the attention they received whilst walking around the track. The girls (human and canine) all fell asleep on the trip home so we headed back via Monmouthshire and were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery in peace. And now we are already half way through the next week, how has that happened? Time to get the kids kitted up in school uniform ready to start the new term and then maybe I can start looking to change up my wardrobe ready for autumn :)


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Lifestyle // Settling In - Countrylife

Oh my goodness - just how difficult is it to try and keep on top of blogging during the school holidays? I'm certainly struggling with three girls around the house along with bags and boxes still laying around the place as we try to accommodate five peoples belongings into a house that housed three. At rare moments when all three children seem to be occupied, I turn on my laptop and nothing - absolutely nothing! I have a list of post ideas as long as my arm yet my writing ability seems to have disappeared along with routine this summer. Thanks to the fibro fog (which seems worse since my accident earlier this year), I need time to clear my mind and focus it on writing before I can start and yeah, the chance of some peace for that happen is slim to none with the kids home. 

I cleared out my house in South Wales last week and handed back the keys so now officially reside in Somerset. My emotions have been all over the place, although I am where I want to be giving up my home has been unsettling. Moving here is such a huge change and is taking some getting used to, I've been feeling isolated having no friends here yet and village life in the countryside is so quiet. I've switched from working at an office in Cardiff Bay with motivating and inspiring people, straight into being a full time mum of three during the holidays and crave some adult, intellectual conversation and on top of all I've left my sister, niece and nephews during my nieces battle with stage 4 cancer.

With everything going on I guess it's was inevitable at some stage that my emotions would overwhelm me, on top of  cleaning and moving furniture the constant driving between Somerset and South Wales over the last few weeks has left me completely exhausted and has taken it's toll on me. As usual, I'm probably being too hard on myself which has made me feel worse. 

I'm definitely used to a faster pace of life and miss the buzz of the city (and the shopping!), but I need to embrace life here in the countryside and establish some sort of routine to help settle in. I am challenging myself to find somewhere new each week to visit and really explore my new surroundings. One welcome inclusion at the moment is a weekly trip to the library in Wells. The girls are all taking part in the reading challenge which is giving me the opportunity to pick up a book and read for enjoyment - I can't remember the last time I picked up a book that wasn't for academic purposes! After the girls have selected their books for the week, we've headed to a coffee shop (not Starbucks though, there's a distinct lack of them in Somerset 😞) or for a spot of lunch on the cathedral green. Not a bad place to relax for an hour I don't think. Today we are heading out to Cheddar Gorge to meet up with a cousin of mine who lives relatively close by in Bristol, it's going to be nice to see a familiar face and enjoybanbadukt conversation during the day!