Friday, 28 February 2014

Some Michael Kors Friday love

Can we all just take a look at this watch for a minute - how amazing is it? I mean, Michael Kors, gold and pink, what's not to love? When this photo showed up on my Facebook feed last night I had that "I need it" urge inside me. After hardly wearing a watch for years, recently I've become obsessed with the beauty that is Michael Kors.  I do have a silver and gold one however and I was wanting to get a rose gold watch next. I'm also facing some uncertainty job wise so decided to hold fire for a while until I remembered that I have a $250 gift card and could get it free!! I know that it would look beautiful on my wrist especially in summer but am going to be sensible about it I think. It's new so will be around for a while and if I still want it enough in a few weeks I think it will be a justified buy!

Moving on, the half term school holiday has gone so quickly. I can't believe that it's Friday already. Luckily today is only the second day in work as I was able to take some time off with my daughter. It has been a fairly chilled week, we've baked, had friends over, had my nephew to stay and I took them both to the cinema to watch Mr. Peabody & Sherman. I loved that film! I loved that they've made a film about going back in history (as a historian I guess that was only natural), for once historical accuracy was not important and I think I enjoyed it more than the kids! It's definitely one for the DVD collection. 

I have a bit of a manic day today, but will be heading to Somerset for the night later and am looking forward to opening a bottle of wine and hopefully a relaxing weekend before Megan goes back to school Monday. Can we also mention tomorrow being March 1st? It seems crazy to me but hopefully spring is on the way after this wet wet winter. Being Welsh also means tomorrow is St. David's Day. Unfortunately I won't be in Cardiff tomorrow for the St. David's Day parade, but if you are I would recommend taking a look, I think it's around 2.30 starting from Cardiff Castle but probably wise to check first!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Half term days

The first day of half term means a couple of days off work, an attempt to spring clean the house and the opportunity to re-organise our schedules, before a few days of treats with Megan.  After getting her to (half) tidy her bedroom and with her friend now visiting, it's my time to sit down with a cup of tea and the last of valentine's chocolates.

Of course, a snugly throw, my iPad out and a lap going spare, means it's not long before this (not so) little guy jumps up for cuddles and an afternoon nap. I think I may just join him!


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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Six Nations weekend

Friday night was one of the best in a long time. It's no secret here but give me a Six Nations rugby weekend and I'm a happy girl. But, add in to the mix a meal and cocktails at Mimosa, Cardiff Bay and a Wales v France match at the Millennium Stadium with my favourites, then you have a pretty awesome night.

The stadium didn't let us down, it's known for it's pre-match build up and we were treated to a light show aswell as the expected flames ( which were even bigger and better than usual). The Welsh anthem sung here never fails to bring tears to my eyes and with the roof shut, the French chants of"Allez les bleus" were drowned out with "Calon Lan", "Sospan Fach" and "Hymns and Arias"

Our boys delivered with a 27-6 victory over France which brought the house down and left us with the clamber down for pitch side photos and singing down the phone to my friend in Paris all the wa home! I even got an Englishman wearing a Welsh Rugby Union hoody - now that's what you call a good night! 

The rest of the weekend was spent recovering as all the excitement caused my fibromyalgia to flare up, so it was Nando's take out, pjs, chocolates and the Winter Olympics all the way!

How was your weekend? Did you get caught up in Six Nations or Winter Olympics fever? 


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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

City rooftops and afternoon tea

Yesterday may have been gloomy and wet (not unlike most other days so far this year), but it was difficult to be gloomy when your practising using fire extinguishers on top of the museum roof, with views across Cardiff City centre like this. Due to the fog we weren't able to see as far as usual, but we still looked over into Cardiff Castle and the Millennium Stadium. These iPhone snaps really don't show how spectacular the views of the Cardiff rooftops actually are and you'll have to believe me that in the summer it is absolutely breathtaking. I'm so privileged to work in such a beautiful building and to have access to these amazing views that most people will never see.  It's a completely different world amongst the rooftops, Cardiff has some beautiful buildings that from street level you really cannot appreciate, it's as though you have stepped back in time until the Millenium Stadium and it's magnificent roof pops up in the skyline, reminding you that you are in fact in the 21st century. Walking onto the museum roof always reminds me of the scene in Mary Poppins, where the chimney sweeps are dancing on the rooftops of London. I so want to be Mary Poppins!

Just after lunch I popped to Barker Tea House in High Street Arcade, to indulge in some afternoon tea and cake.  If you're local to Cardiff then no doubt you will know of Coffee Barker and what a gem it is in Castle Arcade. I've frequently posted about it on this little blog and the tea rooms, it's new sister shop is even more splendid. I have found my little place of heaven! I'm not going to say too much as I'd like to do a post on it at a later date, but it was a lovely way to spend some time with my colleague Laura, who is leaving this Cardiff this week to start a new job with the National Trust (jealous, oh so jealous!). The one thing I love about Barker's (both shops) is that there's always a good selection of gluten free goodies, which means I can choose what I'm going to indulge in. This time I chose the carrot cake and it was oh so good! 

What film scene is your favourite? Do you have access to any usually hidden gems?

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cheerful Tulips

I love tulips, they are so cheerful and pretty and instantly brighten up a room. I've been noticeably absent from this little space. I've not been shy about the fact that I've suffered from depression since a young age and this past week has been a bad one. I don't deal very well with uncertainty and at the moment there is plenty of that in my life. Today is the first day in the last ten that I've not been in tears (so far) and with that gloomy record in need of breaking, I popped into Marks & Spencer after work yesterday to pick up a few bunches of these cheerful blooms. It also helps that after a miserable start the sun has graced us with its presence and today I am able to work from home. Apart from work, I've completely shut myself off from the world lately and haven't been eating, so I'm spending the day catching up with blog posts (Bloglovin is telling me I have 329 unread!), drinking lots of tea and trying to slowly come out of the bubble I've been living in lately. 

I hope you're all having a good week, I'm looking forward to reading all your posts I've missed.

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Magazines, museums & free Starbucks!

I've just realised that my post from Friday didn't publish as scheduled. I'm not sure why and I've been away for the weekend so have only just noticed. Blogger is seriously annoying me at the moment. Anyway, this will probably mean that I publish two posts today! Here's Friday's!

The weather isn't on my side today. I had planned to take some photos this morning but at lunchtime I am still sat here with the light on, so I don't think it's going to happen. I apologise therefore, for the quality of these pics!

How thankful though I am that it's Friday, it has been an emotional, trying week but now it's time to push that aside and look forward to a long awaited weekend in Somerset with some of my favourite people. Now, with the rain pouring down and the reports of the terrible flooding in Somerset, it may not seem like the most logical of choices! However, we will be in the mendips rather than the levels so I'm hoping it won't cause us too many problems.

Here are the perks of my week....

We won!!
Out of a miserable week came the news that the museum I work for had won the Museums at Night competition, receiving £2000 and the opportunity to work with acclaimed artist Janette Parris.  I can honestly say that this means so much to all of us at The Cardiff Story Museum. The news couldn't have come at a better time and we are so thankful to everyone who voted for us, meaning that we can work with Janette to create alternative tours of the museum. You can read all about Museums at Night here and more about Janette Parris here.

Discovering Betty magazine. 
I have fallen in love with this magazine. Have you read a copy? If not, you most definitely should! It is published quarterly and you can get a copy here. I love the features (my favourite this addition was Muse), photographs and when you hold a copy in your hand you feel like you are about to open something very special indeed. 

Their philosophy is wonderful and the magazine truly deserves pride of place on your coffee table.

The build up to the Six Nations.
Yes, I'm afraid it is that time of year when I get completely thrown into rugby. Working in the capital city of Wales and a stones throw from the Millennium Stadium, it really can't be helped. I love rugby, the competition, the anticipation, national pride (and it doesn't hurt that we are currently the champions for the last two years either). For my American followers, think the Super Bowl - thats the kind of importance I'm talking about. Wales, England, France, Scotland, Ireland and Italy all battling it out to be the top dog of Europe! So here goes, a month and a half of singing, shouting and heart in mouth action, kicking off with tomorrow's match against Italy. Despite the weather, Cardiff is all set.

Free Starbucks
Well I mean come on, who doesn't like a free peppermint hot chocolate after a rubbish day, even if you have had a large one on the way to work for the last three mornings?? Seriously though, I think I've got a problem, have they started putting crack in them or something (side note - not that I have ever tried crack or any other illegal drug!) because I seriously have an addiction to it lately.

So, will you be watching any sport this weekend? Or does the thought make you want to curl up in the warm with a good magazine? Hope it's a good one whatever you're doing. I'm ready to go and catch the train and maybe a cheeky Starbucks too - for the journey you see! ;)