Tuesday, 18 December 2012

There's always something good in everyday

Yesterday my youngest nephew turned 4! I can't believe how quickly those four years have gone.  I am very close to my sisters children, I love that now we have moved they are only around the corner and am thankful for the time that we have together and that they always want to come and visit their Auntie Amy!

I love their birthdays, wrapping their presents and seeing them so excited for their special day. Logan loved the attention all on him (he's the middle child of three) and being able to eat fairy cakes before dinner!

Unfortunately though my father was unable to join in the birthday celebrations. He was admitted to hospital on Monday and ended up having to be taken into surgery for an operation last night. He has been very unwell and we are all worried about him especially as he has been transferred to a hospital further away from us. The operation seems to have gone well though so hopefully this will enable him to turn a corner and begin to get better.

This week has already been very stressful but I'm blessed to have some amazing friends and family who have stepped in without being asked, to do whatever they can to help and to support us. I have been touched by the member of texts, phone calls, messages on Facebook and Twitter that I've received from people sending their best wishes and prayers for my father and for that I am truly thankful. It just goes to show that in the worst of times there really is something good in every day.