Monday, 26 August 2013

Sunny holidays and an extra day :)

Hello lovelies! It feels like ages since I've been around these parts, but we are now home from Portugal and thankful for a Bank Holiday Weekend that is enabling us to put off returning to normal life for a little longer! 

The weather was scorching, we're talking 100f, with none of the algarve breeze that I'd been told so much about! It was lovely to get away and I'm looking forward to sharing some of our holiday snaps with you during the week. 

This weekend has been about returning home and the inevitable loads of washing that follow! Luckily we stayed at Dave's parents the first night we were back and got some done there. We also carried on in the holiday spirit and sat out in the sun,  reading and drinking more than my fair share of English breakfast! 

Of course, coming home wouldn't be the same without the obligatory take away the first night although, choosing seemed a tough task for Dave that night! 

I spent most of the day Saturday in bed as my fibro was bad. I couldn't lift myself and the pain made me sick but by Sunday morning I was feeling a lot better.  We visited my grandad and sorted through a load of old photo albums which brought back lots of memories. 

Today we sorted out the rest of Megan's new school uniform buying her trainers, shoes etc. My baby starts high school next week :( Tonight will be spent soaking in the bath and in bed watching The West Wing!

How have you spent the Bank Holiday? Are you dreading the return to work as much as me or am I just suffering from post holiday blues? 


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  1. I love when a holiday ends on a long weekend so you can catch up on washing and get back into the groove of your normal routine. I found you via IBOT. :)

  2. Nothing nicer than a trip away to recharge the batteries, we've got a public holiday here on Friday and I can't wait for a day with my schoolie, I miss her. Found you via IBOT :) Emily


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