Monday, 30 December 2013

Instagram feed / Christmas presents!

I'm back from my Christmas blogging break and hope you all had a wonderful time. Christmas Day here was lovely and I was so lucky to receive some beautiful presents this year. Of course though, I was more grateful to have spent it with my favourite people and will go down as the best Christmas in a long time.

It doesn't seem right not to share with you some of my lovely gifts though!

Chanel Coco Madamemoiselle perfume / Thomas Sabo ring / Cameo Rose dress / George blazer / butterfly snood / chocolates / carved elephant / Charbonel and Walker Jamacan Rum Truffles / books / diary / Thomas Sabo perfume / emerald earrings / Next gift card / Coach watch (future post) and more not included here. 

I feel so blessed this year, each present was beautiful and thoughtful and more importantly, the whole day was relaxing and enjoyable.


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