Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Home Sweet Home // #BEDM

My Mama has always had the most impeccable sense of style when it comes to interior design and has always strived to create a beautiful home. When my sister and I were very young I remember her spending hours making curtains by hand and recovering sofas when money was a little more tight. Sometimes, she will get an idea for a room and I wonder how on earth it will work but my mother is always able to pull it together and create a beautiful, yet personal home. I took these snaps on my iPhone when I retreated to their house to work this morning. I hadn't planned on taking any, therefore didn't have my camera so I apologise for the not so great quality.

I moved out of my parents home when I was eighteen and I have lived in numerous houses over the years. I'm very much hoping my next house will be our 'forever home' where I can make my permanent mark and create the home I've always wanted. Living in a rented house does not make me feel rooted and as my parents have lived in their house since I was eight years old, that's where I go when I need to feel like I belong. No matter how the decor changes this house always feels like home, it holds some wonderful memories from when I was growing up and you'll always find a cat sleeping on the chair or climbing up into places she shouldn't be. Although there's only two cats at home now, instead of the four or five we always had as children, the one thing I still believe is a house is not a home without one!

What makes a house a home to you? For me, it's the people and the little personal touches. The Welsh love spoon my Grandad carved that sits on the dresser, the cup and saucer that reminds me of tea with my Gran, the mischievous cat that likes to sleep on my feet and the sense that no matter how you change a house, when it's a home the memories you hold won't leave.

Whilst I long for that permanent home of our own I take heart from knowing, that as long as house is filled with love, no matter how temporary you live there, it can always be a home.


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  1. I couldn't agree more. As long as there is love and happy memories you can easily make any place your home.

    Mel's Corner


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