Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Cosy Days

My poor girl had to have some emergency dental surgery this morning. Her baby tooth was obstructing the adult tooth coming through and with nowhere to go it cracked her baby tooth yesterday leaving her in lots of pain. Five injections and one extraction later she is cwtched up on the sofa with her duvet and the cheesy Christmas Movie channel on TV.

She's yet again amazed me with her bravery - there were tears when she didn't know what was going to happen (ASD means she suffers with heightened anxiety) but once the dentist explained the procedure she was calm and didn't even flinch during any of the injections. I would have been crying like a baby! It was her first experience with anaesthetic and made her giggle for an hour afterwards much to her own and everyone else's amusement. She's so groggy now though and a soft food diet was the perfect excuse for some 'Lovely Welsh Soup' and bread ( with lots of butter! ), my perfect winter comfort food. Christmas movies also meant opening my gift set of Yankee Christmas candles - today we chose 'Christmas Treats' - it smells divine and although I'm not completely in the Christmas spirit yet, it has certainly helped me along the way!

What is your favourite comfort food? I'm always up for trying something new. When does the Christmas spirit hit you? Are you like me and a late arriver to the holiday season?

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  1. Oh goodness! The poor thing...she does sound terribly brave! I would have been blubbering too :-) My favourite comfort food has to be warm crusty bread, with chicken soup! And the Christmas spirit will hit as soon as I buy the children their Advent Calendars x

    1. Oh I've not had chicken soup in a long long time. I think that will be next on the list, soup is a firm winter favourite - thank you! She's getting better today thank goodness and counting down the days until she can open her advent calendar! x


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