Monday, 9 November 2015

City Country Life // The Fifth of November

Every event seems to be a first at the moment. Being at opposite sides of the bridge(one in Cardiff, the other in Somerset) during the week for so long meant that we were unable to do a lot of things together as a family. One thing we'd been waiting for once we were all living in the same place was Bonfire Night and this week we finally got to watch the fireworks together.

Back in South Wales, the fireworks seem to be let off consistently every night for the entire week. Although Halloween had been a bit of a disappointment here in our area of Somerset, I wholeheartedly approve of Bonfire Night here! Being in the middle of the country has it's benefits when your cat is scared of the constant bangs, you need to take the dogs for a walk and get the children to sleep at a reasonable time. Although there were a few odd fireworks let off during the evening (which looked lovely whilst we were sat in the hot tub!), it was hardly the deluge that we were used to and was pleasingly peaceful.

I love fireworks by the way, I just prefer them at an organised event and really enjoyed the bonfire and display at the school in the next village. We wrapped up warm and joined some friends huddled around the bonfire with a hand warming hot chocolate. I have to say that for a tiny Church of England school in the middle of nowhere, the fireworks were beautiful and dramatically lit up the trees and church surrounding us. It gave an eerie but lovely presence and I really enjoyed it. Yes, we missed my sister,  niece and nephews at our usual rugby club display, but it was nice to come home to silence all around us! In this instance the scoreboard looks like:

South Wales Bonfire Night - 0, Somerset Countryside - 1

Getting  back to the reason we celebrate November 5th, the historian in me laughed at this post from The History Podcast!


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  1. I love fireworks too but it feels like an age since I have seen any because, well, kids, bedtime routines and all that. #TeamIBOT

  2. I was born & brought up in Cardiff too and Bonfire Night does indeed seem to last for at least around a week there, our family dogs would go nuts!! Your countryside fireworks look beautiful and I love how they light up the sky almost like lightening! Thank you so much for linking up to #CityCountryLife, Becca xx

  3. My son is only just getting used to fireworks - he's only 2.5 bless him, and the past two bonfire nights he'd freaked at the noise - this year he actually sat and watched with awe, and only said 'bye' a couple of times (he says 'bye bye' and waves when he wants something to end! Ha!) I'm glad you got to see some fireworks and enjoy the day. #citycountrylife

  4. Lovely post Amy, love your photo's. It must have been wonderful to be together for bonfire night this year. Thanks so much for linking up to #CityCountryLife Lizzie xo


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