Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Review // The Bath Bun Tea Shoppe

We popped into Bath on Sunday afternoon to meet up with my mum and aunt for a couple of hours. After a difficult few months and my grandfather sadly passing away last Tuesday, we were in need of an afternoon out to cheer us up and clear our minds. It was very busy and we were struggling to find somewhere to accommodate seven of us; we were just about to give up when we came across The Bath Bun on the Abbey Green. Thankfully they could fit us in and we made our way upstairs to sit down, warm up and chat over tea and cake.

If you are tall then mind your head as the building dates from the early 1700s and is complete with low ceilings and narrow staircases; the d├ęcor is very traditional and quaint with large fireplaces, tea sets that reminded me of elevenses with my grandmother, china displays and pictures on the walls. The girls loved that the staff wore traditional dress and girls commented that our waitress looked like a maid from Downton Abbey.

For such a small tea shop, we were very impressed with the menu. Not only did we find the prices reasonable (£16.50 for afternoon tea), there was also a good gluten free selection costing only 50p more for a gluten free sandwich alongside a range of gluten free cakes. We decided to go for tea and a cake and not used to having a choice when we eat out I decided on a slice of lemon cake, which was delicious.

The girls loved that the orignal recipe for the Bath bun was hung on the wall and curious as to why. The Bath bun was invented by Dr. William Oliver who came to Bath as a physician in 1728, however it's rich fruit and sweet taste meant that many of the patients that Oliver treated for rheumatism, became obese on them and led to him experimenting and creating the less fattening Bath Oliver biscuits (for a full history click here). A part eaten bun from the Dr. Oliver years was found under the floor boards by workmen, providing a link to the time when the buns first appearance in Bath.

Although Bath is only a half hour drive from our house, we don't often tend to visit. However, I will definitely be retuning perhaps to try their afternoon tea but at least working my way through the selection of gluten free cakes! We had a very enjoyable hour or so catching up with my mum over tea; cake most definitely helps cheer me up! The only thing I would say about The Bath Bun is to make sure that you have cash on you as they don't take card payments; also if you are planning to visit during peak tourist times, I would suggest booking in advance. 


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Lizzie Somerset


  1. Oh wow, I remember going here with my Grandma (no longer with us) who lived near Corsham and she got stuck in the loo! So funny and a great memory of her. My Mum loves bath buns and always has one at the Pump Rooms, I'd recomend there if you want a treat with your mum sometime Amy. Once again so sorry to hear the sad news about your Grampy. Thanks for linking up to #CityCountryLife

  2. I definitely second you trying lunch at the Pump Rooms, it's a must, I do love the Bath Bun though!! I'm just a teensy bit jealous that you can pop in to Bath in half an hour, it's my favourite city in the UK :) Thanks for linking up with #CityCountryLife again lovely
    Becca xx


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