Friday, 4 March 2016

Style // The Trainer Trend

I absolutely love Victoria Beckham! Always have done, "Posh" was my favourite spice and as a designer she is also one of my faves. I drool in Harvey Nics at her dresses and adore her accessories collection. I may not have her wardrobe budget however the most unobtainable part of her look for me were her sky scraper heels! Pre-children I lived in heels however, pushing a buggy and then developing fibromyalgia made wearing them so painful that my large collection usually remain in their boxes and hidden away.

As much as I love ballerina pumps, boots and brogues, some days when when I'm running around on the school run, shopping etc I just want something a bit more comfy. Outside of the gym and training, I've been reluctant to wear trainers as they just seemed casual for my usual look, but I loved VB's look with cropped trousers, a cosy sweat and Adidas Stan Smith trainers. With trainers being a huge trend for this season, the high street is abundant with trainers. It didn't take much searching and I found three pairs that I think would give any smart outfit a sporty look without being too casual. As usual for me MK can do no wrong!

I've surprised myself by becoming increasingly drawn to the off duty sporty look, probably because I've turned a bit lazy after coaching and realising that comfort is so much better than cold feet! Here are my favourite three pairs that are great for a casual weekend look.

I'd love to know what you think? Are you rejoicing in comfort or sticking to heels?



  1. I love heels but I also like wearing my trainers too x

  2. I am all about embracing the trainer trend - if done properly it can be really stylish and chic

    Laura x


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