Monday, 14 December 2015

Running out of time

So Monday's here again and I have a massive list of things to accomplish before school breaks up Friday lunchtime for Christmas. So much to do, so little time and motivation! Today will be spent finalising an exhibition for next year, some online shopping and list generating; all things that were meant to be done this weekend but were placed on hold due to some winter bug that I came down with.

As usual, my highly organised plans of being ready for Christmas have been thrown out of the window and I'm ready for the chaos of crowds, queues and excited children! Our tree finally went up this weekend and although my planned theme didn't work out this year, it looked pretty and felt cosy with a bottle of red watching the CMAs last night. Although there are nods to Christmas throughout the house now, I will admit to still not feeling very festive and that I should be working to the backdrop of Christmas songs to get me more into the Christmas spirit. However, as the cursor hovered over my iTunes Christmas playlist it somehow managed to select Anberlin instead! I'm running out of time to get into the spirit of things, finish the present shopping and card writing. So tonight I am arming myself with a stack of Christmas DVDs, a walk to collect a ton of holly and will be throwing myself full force into spreading some Christmas cheer!

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  1. There's still a few days. I'm only just starting to feel Christmasy myself. You've got time. xx

  2. My major goal for this week is to get the house tidy, and hopefully force my eldest daughter to help me with this (most of the mess is hers!) with threats of no Santa presents because Santa doesn't visit messy houses. I'm putting my chances of success at around 50% with that! I hope you have a lovely Christmas and find that spirit, even if you have to force it (I find Christmas chocolate to be veryy god at helping along the Christmas spirit!).

  3. I am feeling the same way. I have so many things - little things (like work) to finish and I just can't seem to feel festive enough.


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