Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Lifestyle // Goal Setting - October

October Goals:
Omg a friend of mine posted yesterday morning that it's only 11 weeks until Christmas! Seriously, how is this happening? Cue major panic as we have so much to accomplish in that time. I was so unwell last Christmas that everything was a rush and it was difficult to enjoy, I actually slept all of Christmas morning.  This year I planned to be way ahead of the game starting early to make sure if I was wiped out in December Tim wouldn't be rushing around buying presents on his own and worrying over Christmas dinner. With a living room to redecorate beforehand Christmas is far too close for my liking so today I have to  my October goals to include some realistic Christmas prep expectations.
1. Stick to one work goal per week. I've been placing too much pressure on myself to achieve three separate goals per week in relation to work. My memory is still not good and it is taking so much longer to get things done yet, I've still been expecting to get as much done and feeling frustrated when I haven't.

White + texture:

2. Finish sorting our bedroom. I still have clothes with  nowhere to go and now the girls things are also creeping into our space. We need to be able to relax at night therefore I'll be organising and freshening up our room ready for winter.
Cherries dipped in white chocolate https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/931296_575317592508826_2112626826_n.jpg:

 3. Christmas prep - buy at least two presents per week and prepare stuffing and mince pies to be frozen during half term. Order chocolate moulds and supplies to make presents for the children's teachers and family members. Finalise menus and write shopping list.
Jack-o'-Lantern Flower Vase        Ditch the standard candle and brighten up your jack-o'-lantern with an arrangement of bold-hue harvest flowers. Cut the stems, arrange in a small vase, and set inside a carved pumpkin. A white Lumina pumpkin carved with a skeletal face makes this arrangement extra spooky.:

4. Decorate the house and prepare costumes for Halloween. I always decorate the house for Halloween and take Megan out with my niece, nephews and neighbours. This year will be different as we won't be with them but I'm planning on baking and decorating to my hearts content for our three! I'm definitely going to look for a pumpkin patch around here, the girls would absolutely love it.
5. Stick to a blogging schedule. For the same reason as number 1 I've been finding this difficult, but I have quite a few draft posts or ideas to get out here. Hopefully this will get my brain back into gear and everything else will follow!
Do you have goals for October? Have you started to prepare for Christmas yet or re you burying your head in the sand like many I know!!


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  1. I can't believe its 11 weeks til christmas x

  2. Oh no I wrote a really long reply and it has gone :( I love being prepared, we are prepared for Halloween and my daughter's birthday in November and this leaves plenty of room for Christmas... go you for thinking so far ahead... love this post! x

    1. Ah thanks :) Halloween will be here so quickly, I'm looking forward to it! Being prepared leaves me time to relax, although my lists drive my other half crazy! I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday x

  3. I have no goals yet. I should, because everything is sneaking up, and I have a really busy few weeks ahead of me. I need to get organised.


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