Monday, 20 January 2014

Comfort drinks

We've spent this weekend trying to stay warm and comfortable. I've had a very bad week with fibromyalgia pain and chronic tiredness, resulting in a few days off work and now it's Monday I'm home again and have Megan off also with a cold and sore throat.

I decided to try work again on Friday, therefore requiring a peppermint hot chocolate for my efforts! (Have you tried one with soya milk? So delicious and creamy). Friday night passed in a blur, luckily Megan was staying at her father's for the night, meaning that after a bath I could go straight to bed. 
The rest of the weekend was spent pretty much the same way, i.e. more comforting Starbucks and rest. I did counteract the hot chocolates with some smoothies but have to be honest they don't go quite as well with comfy clothes and fur throws!

I'm hoping the worst is almost over, I have so much to do and an eleven year old to look after. So today is all about rest, positive thoughts and planning for the next week.

How did you spend your weekend? What is your comfort drink of choice?

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  1. I hope you stay warm girl! That's no fun when you don't feel good! Get well!!
    I just started up a new link up called a condensed version of my weekend and would LOVE if you wanted to link up! Happy Monday!

  2. I hope you fell better soon and I absolutely love peppermint hot chocolates...or really just anything peppermint. Definitely one of my favorite flavors =) Thanks so much for taking the time to linkup this week!


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