Wednesday, 22 January 2014

January shopping ban - umm...look what I got!

This January I gave myself the challenge of not buying anything for myself. Now, I know the above photo doesn't look like I've succeeded but I think I've done fairly well. The black denim leggings are for work. I really did need another pair of trousers to wear to work, but because of the fibro pain I get in my hips and legs I can't always wear normal jeans or trousers, I need something softer and more comfortable. I received a £20.00 gift card for Next, so I only paid £4.99 for them. I've also bought a few pairs of black tights to wear with my dresses as all of mine have had to be binned. I think these purchases are essentials, therefore the only non essential purchase I have made since Christmas is this bag. Initially I did not purchase it, but after leaving a bag this colour last spring and regretting it, I couldn't get it off my mind. At £15.99 in New Look, I think it was a bargain and I am quite pleased that I took the time to think about it and didn't just purchase on impulse. Normally during the sales I would do just that and I feel quite proud that this year I have resisted.

Have you bought any bargains this year? Or have you resisted temptation and saved some pennies? 


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  1. You've got much better will power than me! I don't think I could do any kind of shopping ban! I love the colour of that bag and can see why you couldn't get it off your mind!

    Corinne x

  2. That purse is gorgeous!! I say, if you buy it for work, then it doesn't count as shopping! :)


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