Friday, 20 June 2014

This week....

I seem to have lost four days! I've been a little pre-occupied and it seems to have gone in a flash! Of which I'm not complaining as it means I get to head off for a break and a weekend of motorsport. Although Tuesday could have hung around a little longer. My good friend Tyler has been over from America for ten days and came to visit for the day. It was a beautiful day so we headed out to enjoy the sunshine and walked down the lanes to the pub to sit out in the beer garden.

We love having Tyler around and Megan was upset to see him go again. He was living here for nearly four years and now he's back in America, the short time he was here for just didn't seem right.

Before he came back to the UK this time, I made a few purchases from Charming Charlie, Forever 21 and the Anberlin merchandise store. International shipping is just so expensive and as Tyler had pretty empty suitcases (his visit to the UK was to collect more of his belongings) he kindly offered to bring them all over for me and kindly brought me a bottle of Carolina Coast Spiced Rum as a gift (yes I am a pirate girl at heart!).  I'll go into what I bought more next week but I was so excited to receive them!

To end this week on a cute note, here's daddy bunny aka Billy in his new hiding spot - my side unit. He's been having great fun jumping up and finding new things to chew! Meanwhile his baby bunnies are growing very quickly and having lots of playtime and cuddles. I can't believe they are now a moth old.

Do you have lots planned this weekend or just planning on relaxing in the sun? Whatever you are doing I hope you enjoy this beautiful summer that we are having so far this summer. See you Monday!


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