Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Home comforts....

I received these photos of our little Harley who is being looked after at home while we are away. My gorgeous boy does not like the colder, wet weather and is taking to the sofa for 20+ hours a day!!

I have taken a look and it is around 14c (57f) at the moment and set to drop to 8c (46f) on Friday when we land in the UK. I am going to freeze after enjoying temperatures in the late 80/early 90s!

I have to say though I am very much missing my cat. He knew we were going away and the morning we left he hid under Megan's bed and pushed my hand away with his paw when I crawled under to fuss him and say goodbye. I can't wait to see him and our rabbit Lola, when we return on Friday. I do hope that he doesn't ignore me as punishment though and stays curled up on the sofa to keep me warm!


  1. Cats are so smart! I'm not surprised he knew when you were leaving! At least you know he's in good hands, though!

    1. He was well looked after but so happy to be back with him! I've not been able to move for him since we got home!


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