Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Style // Getting into the Festive Spirit

The picture above is about as far as I've got with getting into the festive season! As usual my gifts have to all be wrapped with coordinated paper and this year I'm loving WHSmiths range. I made a start to the wrapping on Tuesday whilst watching Nigella's Christmas on TV trying to bump up my enthusiasm! Our neighbouring houses are all decorated and I haven't even got mine out of the garage; something which I hope to rectify today! We did make a batch of mince pies after school on Tuesday so that is another job jobbed and hopefully I will get somewhere today. 

I love a real tree so will be heading to our local farm shop to select one. This year I want everything to be simple and elegant and have decided to have white decorations. Typically though I think we have every theme but that, so will be popping to Cadbury garden centre in Yatton to select a few baubles and the Range in Weston-Super-Mare.  I'll also be making the most of our surrounding countryside and collect some holly from the lanes. I love having real holly in the house and was lucky to have a good supply around our house when we lived in Cardiff. I can't imagine that my house will ever look as idyllic as the picture below but I can dream right? I do love the sprigs of fir and mason jar candle holders and will be hoping that there are plenty of pine cones in the forest later when I walk the dogs. I much prefer a few subtle touches and bringing some of the country indoors, rather than all out, in your face Christmas decorations!

Modern Christmas Decorated Living Rooms-12-1 Kindesign



Christmas table settings with candle and candleholder #Christmas #Candles #Candleholders

DIY snowflake with pinecones

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I like to support local businesses rather than mass chains where possible and most of the food I buy will be from local farms and farm shops. Christmas Day itself is usually spent opening stockings, bacon sarnies for breakfast be and tree presents at home before heading to my parents house with my sister and my niece and nephews for a glass of champagne and more presents! This year though will probably be a little more low key as we now live further away, my niece is still having cancer treatment and my grandfather is in hospital. We still haven't planned too much but I have prepared some things in advance for dinner and we'll just take it as it comes! Whatever happens, I'll be in my pjs with a glass of prosecco by 8.45 in time for the final Downton Abbey!

There is a candlelit carol service at a nearby church this evening. The church was built in the twelfth century and only opens once a year for this service so I'm really hoping to attend. Maybe it will finally give me a push into getting the house decorated!


Lizzie Somerset


  1. You can't beat a real tree can you?! I love your style inspiration, my plan was for our decorations to look something like this but with the children bringing more and more home made decorations home from school they have kind of taken over :)
    Thanks for linking up to #CityCountryLife, have a wonderful Christmas
    Becca xx

  2. Love that you have started wrapping already I am way behind with that. Jon is the brilliant wrapper in our home so we make a team of it and will do it over wine and ale probably! Love the mason jars and the green of the trees/sprigs with the white touches. Praying your family get well soon too. Happy Christmas. Thanks for linking up to #CityCountryLife xo

  3. Love all of these pictures, and that chalk drawing is just fab. I wasn't going to have a tree this year but somehow I bought one at the garden centre. It'll be going in the garden in January and I too fancy some white decorations this year. I fancy making some origami stars, let's see if there's enough time!! #CityCountryLife

  4. Think your range of inspiration is brilliant and if I didn't need our slate board for cheese - I'd be copying that chalk Christmas tree idea! I need to start wrapping but have at least bought all the materials! Slightly going against my OCD as have ribbon that is not the right colour to fit in with the rest of my theme - trying to resist going out and getting the correct colour given it's not exactly going to be sitting out for long! #CityCountryLife


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