Thursday, 31 January 2013

January's Favourite Things

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This cheerful card that my beautiful girl made for my cousin's birthday.  She loves art but struggles sometimes with her muscle problems and I am so proud of all the effort she puts in.  It also shows that children with ASD do have a compassionate and caring side, that people often think is lacking.


That the snow has been and gone.  I really enjoyed messing around with my favourites in the snow, cuddling in the warm with blankets and hot chocolate and the beautiful scenery.  But the flip side of six days of school and not being able to get to work etc. even got the children down.  So now we are pleased to be back to normal!

This quote that I found on Pinterest led to this post (here).  I've referred back to it many times over the last couple of weeks and have made a few changes to the house already :) 

I know I blogged about meeting Anberlin yesterday (here) but it really was one of the best nights! I can't wait to see them again tomorrow!

Pinterest saves the day again! I have been looking up photos of tropical beaches and anything spring / summer related just to look at a bit of sun! I can't wait for some sun, warmer weather and the new spring / summer make up collections that are coming out. I may start wearing them soon in the hope the sun will take the hint and come out to play!!!

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  1. Ok...I LOVE that quote about decorating and making your house your home! It is so true! You should stop back by on "Take a Tour Tuesday" and give me, and my friends, some suggestions on our room decor!

    Stopping by from the linkup :)


    1. The quote changed my way of thinking, I had not done a thing thinking of the expense but now have some lovely ideas that have cheered me up :) I will definitely stop by, thanks! :)

  2. Where is that beach?! I sooo want to go there! It's been freezing here, but hardly any snow. Just a dusting, not enough for an awesome snowman like you guys built :) is it already the last day of January?!

    1. It's in Hawaii, so jealous as my cousin is heading there in Feb! The snow was knee deep here but we got cold after the sledging and only stayed out to make a small snowman! I know what you mean, where has January gone?!

  3. That quote is SO TRUE. I used to just think that I wanted everything NEW and shiny but I've really learned that I love antiques and hand-me-downs and things that really mean something. That's what makes a house a home! :)

    Thanks for linking up!


  4. I love that quote! My mom's been re-decorating her house for the past month now and she wanted to throw out all the old stuff and get all knew stuff. But I told her that it was all of the old stuff that made our house our home. That quote perfectly sums up my feelings!

    - Carrie

  5. This picture made me feel warm...ahhh!! (especially seeing all that snow of yours). Glad you all had fun in it!!


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