Friday, 3 May 2013

A day in the life...

Day 3 of the Rosalilium Blog Every Day in May Challenge

It's a good job that I decided to document yesterday instead of today, as my joints are so painful that I am having to stay home from work and rest, which would have been very boring to post!  Here is a typical week day for me.

Alarm goes off at 6.40.  Hit snooze, hopefully once, probably twice.  Dave's alarm goes off at 7.00. Get up, feed animals and make cup of fruit tea whilst Dave is in the shower.  Shower, then get dressed and get a home made clementine and poppyseed muffin and fruit for breakfast.  Eat as I put my make up on and chat with Dave.

Dave leaves for work, I finish getting ready and wake Megan up..  My mum comes over to get her ready for school so that I can leave at 8.15 for work.

Arrive at the museum and at 9.30, hit the 'on' switch on the kettle and have a morning meeting.  This morning we have a conference going on and I am in the galleries.  I manage to get some research done as it is not too busy.

Copyright - The Cardiff Story
About 1.30 I meet my friend Tyler and we head to my favourite coffee shop, for a tea and gluten free cupcake.

About 2.30 I walk in the beautiful sun to the university library to do some historical research for the museum.  I am currently looking at Cardiff's sporting history.

After picking up some shopping for dinner, I pick Megan up from her school choir practise about 4.30.    The school bunny, Nibbles, is hopping around the grounds so we of course stop for a while to fuss him!

We popped over to my sisters house for an hour so that Megan could play outside with my nephew so I didn't prepare dinner until about 6.30.  I decided on a healthy paella after only scoffing a cupcake for lunch.

After getting Megan to bed around 8.30, I read a few blog posts and wrote my Friday Fancies post (here).  It is probably my favourite outfit creation, let me know what you think!

I then sorted some dishes, prepared school uniform and lunches for Friday, before making a cup of fruit tea and relaxing in a hot bubble bath.  My joints and back were really starting to hurt and I called Dave for a chat as he was staying in Bristol for the night.

I didn't get to bed until around 11pm, by the time I'd checked on Megan, let the cat in and taken my tablets.  It was another busy week day, which probably explains why I am so sore today!

I'm looking forward to reading about your day!

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  1. aw sounds like a busy day but lovely nonetheless. love the pics. healthy eating, bubble bath and blogging makes me want to do the same :) I dont have a clue what to do for day 3 lol. :) xx

  2. I really miss being able to have a soak in the bath... we only have a shower now and it's just not the same! Good luck with the rest of BEDM!

  3. Lovely photos! I look forward to following more of your #BEDM

  4. That looks and sounds like a pretty awesome day! Great routine :)

  5. Loved reading about your day, the photos show it off really well :) I want a muffin now though...xx


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