Monday, 25 February 2013

A Perfect day at home

I was very much looking forward to this weekend, we have been so busy and just needed time to relax. Saturday proved just the opportunity.

The morning started off well with a yummy breakfast by the fire :)

Natural Greek yoghurt, flaxseed, cranberries & honey. Cranberry & raspberry tea. 

Megan's friend's dad asked when he picked her up for dance if she wanted to go to their house for the day, (which of course she wanted to), so Dave and I had the rest of the day to ourselves. It was a change of plan as I was looking forward to a weekend the three of us, but Megan was happy to go and I didn't want to stop her, on a plus the day was probably more restful than it would have been with the girls here!

After a bath and a lie down (hard work, breakfast and a bath!) it was time for breakfast round 2 - Dave whipped up bacon, scrambled eggs with spring onion, beans and toast. So delicious.

We had planned not to go out that day, but with Megan at her friends it was the perfect opportunity to get some food in as M finds shopping stressful. After heading very quickly to the shops, we got back and parked ourselves on the sofa for an afternoon of rugby.

Sneaky, low quality IPhone pic. It's difficult one handed!

It was a good afternoon. Cuddles with my man, half time leftover Indian food from the night before and a Wales win = happy Amy :)

Italy 9 Wales 26

In the interests of fairness (as this is now kinda a Welsh / English household), I should say that England also won their match against France :/ But that's enough of that and back to Wales!! ;)

Megan's future husband and man of the match, Leigh Halfpenny!

We weren't the only ones relaxing. Harley stayed like this all day!

Megan returned home late afternoon and it was then time for a snack and more cuddles on the sofa watching her programmes for a bit before bed.

A perfect day, even if I now have to detox :)

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, is it really Monday already??

A xx


  1. Replies
    1. It was lovely, thank you! Hope yours was good too :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend to food and naps!! ;) Good for you guys!!

    1. We ate so much, I failed to mention all the chocolate aswell! Back to clean eating this week!!

  3. Replies
    1. Every now and again it just has to be done! ;) Kinda goes hand in hand - Six Nations Championships = lots of food! :)


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