Friday, 26 April 2013

April Showers - British style

Perfectly timed for today as the rain comes down (in typical British fashion), here are my picks for the seasonal showers.  I am known for my colourful coats, whether it be winter or spring.  I just can't resist a pop of colour to liven up the grey days and this mac from HOBBS fits the bill perfectly!  I always have my sunglasses on hand though just in case.  What about this gorgeous umberella?? Isn't it just the best? I love how glam it is and may just feel a bit like Mary Poppins with it, which can't be a bad thing, can it?!?

Well today sees another week ending and I am starting the weekend off in the best style.  I am meeting my gorgeous friend Gemma and her six month old daughter for coffee at Starbucks in the morning and then my man has the afternoon off work.  We don't have many plans for this weekend, apart from a possible trip to Ikea, which is okay by me as I am looking forward to resting (although a plate of Ikea meatballs will go down a treat!).  Maybe I'll do some baking as I have a couple of recipes I want to try, but I'm thinking some quiet nights and DVDs are in store.

What do you have planned this weekend?  I hope it treats you well :)
Amy-Louise xx

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  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE that umbrella, and with the pink coat? Perfection! Have a fabulous weekend lovely!

    1. Isn't it adorable :) Hope you had a great weekend too! x


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