Monday, 15 July 2013

A Very British BBQ

This weekend we made the three hour trip to Surrey, Dave's hometown, my Dad's place of birth and where I used to live. We stayed with friends and headed to another of Dave's friends for a BBQ. The cottage was the ideal place for a summer BBQ, beautiful surroundings, vintage toys for the children and good company and food. The weather was scorching, the children took refuge in the paddling pool, with sprinklers in the adjoining field and in the shaded areas with tree swings.

Traditional British fare of Pimms and Eton Mess was in full flow and after the food a game of cricket with pretty much everyone involved in some way. 

A perfect afternoon all round. How did you enjoy the sun this weekend? 


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  1. These pictures are lovely
    ain't it been gorgeous
    we've had 4bbqs so far
    lovely bllg
    new follower


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