Monday, 22 July 2013

First day

Today is the first day of the school summer holidays, I can't quite believe how quickly this year has gone. I'm currently sat outside with my feet up on what might be the last day of British summer . Those pesky rain clouds are due back tomorrow :( Not only am I enjoying the sun but making the most of an hour peace after a wonderful but completely hectic weekend! This one may take a couple of days to recap!

Friday was not only Megan's 11th birthday it also her last ever day in primary school. My baby girl will be starting high school when term time returns in September. To say it was an emotional start to the weekend would be a big understatement! 

I'm so proud of the progress that she has made in the last year. It hasn't been an easy year in her life but socially she has come on leaps and bounds and academically she is flourishing. She was awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award in Welsh and achieved a level five in her national tests, a result the school has never achieved in Welsh before. 

After finishing school, she headed out with her school friends for a celebration and we then headed to Cardiff Bay for her birthday meal. It was the perfect start to the weekend, a beautiful evening with family and our friends who are visiting from North Carolina and the perfect excuse to wear my new Forever 21 dress that I got from Sharon and that Emily kindly brought to the UK for me :) 

Megan used the old line "No offence mum, but...." when asking if my sister or mum could make her birthday cake (fair enough to be honest, my cake baking skills aren't the best!) and my sister obliged by making this beauty!

We loved it! And so it seemed did everyone else on a night out down the bay by the number of comments that were made about it. My sister is a star! 

It was getting on for 11pm when we got home with a very tired birthday girl, but that didn't stop her opening the suitcase full (no I'm not joking) of goodies that Emily and Robin had brought over from the USA! All nutritious of course and should last a while! Thanks guys, one happy girl right here!!!

And that was the first day of a crazy two to follow tomorrow! 


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  1. The dress looks SO cute on you, just darling! It looks much better on you than it did on me...enjoy it! That is so crazy that they start high school so early over there. PS Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

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