Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July's Favourite Things

I knew I'd been a bad blogger this month but it wasn't until I noticed that I'd only posted six times since June's Favourite Things, that I realised how bad!

So many lovely things have gone on this month that it has been hard to keep up and with this beautiful summer we've been having in the UK, we've just had to make the most of it.

1.  I had forgotten how much I loved Loreal Glam Shine Liquid Lip Colour, until I picked some up at the beginning of the month.   So creamy with just enough sparkle, this shade is Sand Crystal and it has gotten me through lots of events this month.

2.  I still can't believe that my little girl will be starting high school in September.  It was a very emotional day with her leaving primary school, 11 seems far too young.  I was so proud of her receiving an Outstanding Achievement Award for Welsh Language though. Such a little clever clogs!

3. My lovely friends visited Cardiff from North Carolina.  Tyler's mum, aunt and grandma made the trip for his graduation from law school and we were so pleased that they were here to help us celebrate Megan's birthday aswell.

They brought us lots of treats (twinkies, hersheys, pop tarts to name a few) and brought me some reading material!  I've enjoyed finding some time to put my feet up and read all about North Carolina and have started to make a list of places that I want to see when I visit!

4. The day after her birthday we took Megan to her first music festival.  She wanted to see her favourite band Little Mix and JLS (and some other acts that we'd never heard of!).  She had a ball although Dave had a very achey back from carrying her the whole time they were on and was deafened from her screaming!  Although the music wasn't exactly up our street, we had a fun day with friends and watching the girls enjoy themselves.

5. Amongst the madness of July, Dave and I managed to escape to the beach one day by ourselves.  We both needed a day to unwind and a day by ourselves in the sun.  We sat on the Victorian promenade for brunch and relaxed at one of my childhood haunts.  I have to be honest it was one of my favourite days this month. 

What were your favourite moments in July? Can you really believe that we are now well over halfway through the year?


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  1. I LOVE the hat you have on at the concert :) I feel like every month I start my post by saying "where did the month go" but it really felt that way this July - it just flew by! Hope your August is even better :)

  2. I think everyone has been doing some blog breaking this month. The summer gets too busy, doesn't it?! I really want you to come to NC!!!!


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