Monday, 18 April 2016

Monday Sunshine

It's Monday morning and for once I'm not unhappy about getting out of bed! I'm looking forward to this week. I've got lots in the diary and hopefully we're at the beginning of a new, more positive phase in our lives. I'm heading over to Cardiff this morning as much as I'm getting used to and enjoying more of the country life, there is a part of me craving to be in the city albeit for a few hours. I'm hoping the weather forecast is correct because when the sun shines onto the magnificent buildings of Cardiff, the city is taken to a whole new level of beauty.

It's also Bath in Fashion week and I'm hoping to get to a few of the events. There are some exciting looking workshops, an array of talks and of course catwalks put on by some major brands. I'm particularly excited to be taking Megan to an evening with Julien Macdonald on Thursday night. He is one of my favourite designers, being Welsh of course helps and will be talking in The Assembly Rooms with renowned fashion writer Colin McDowell, MBE. The fact that he has dressed many of the worlds major stars and is a favourite of Taylor Swift helps, but Megan will be studying Fashion and Textiles for GCSE and loves him almost as much as I do. I think I may be racking up major mum points this week! There are full listings of all the events on and some tickets remaining HERE.

Friday I'm looking forward to meeting up with Tamsin from Half a Dozen for Dinner for a cuppa and to chat all things blogging. Tamsin is new to this online community but her blog is beautiful and she bakes the most amazing cakes and desserts! Head on over to her blog or Facebook page HERE. In between, there's plenty of new content to be produced and some exciting things to share with you soon, so here's to a productive and (hopefully) sunny week!


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  1. I love reading about a busy week from someone who is the other side of the world. Have a great time Amy.

    1. Thank you! Spring is the best time of year, so many plans! Have a good week :)

  2. I never made it over to Cardiff when I was living in the UK. I hope to get there one day. Enjoy the rest of your week. #teamIBOT

    1. Oh you must! I'm biased but it's such a beautiful city. Thank you, you too!

  3. As much as I am a country girl at heart, if ever I am planning a girlie weekend away we ALWAYS head straight for Cardiff, I love it there. The shopping is spot on and the night life is such good fun!
    Have you taken Megan to the Costume Museum in Bath? Freya and I went, during Heritage Week I think... They had some good activities on. Have a lovely evening Thursday and see you Friday!
    Ps Thank you for the shout-out... I loved it! :-)
    Tamsin xxx

  4. It all sounds so exciting because it's so different from here! Maybe I could plan a holiday and we could have a cuppa! That would be fun. A dream, but a good one. :)


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