Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A rugby championship and a dance trophy!

So this weekend went quickly, as they always do. It kicked off Friday by raising money for Comic Relief. I had a day off work but had to get Megan ready for a day of fun at school. This consisted of the obligatory red nose and crazy hair. Cue, Comic Relief red hair spray and red glitter spray. She also had a tag rugby tournament which obviously meant that it rained! Therefore, red hair ran and resulted in red everything else!

My Friday was a little more laid back. Still on orders to rest at any given opportunity, I did some housework in the morning, popped to my mums for a cuppa and a chat, then headed back to bed to watch Sense and Sensibility. Once Megan and Dave were home, we ate cheesy bean burgers (recipe tomorrow) and relaxed in front of the tv.

Saturday was the big day!  If you read Friday's post here you will know that there was a small matter of a Wales v England rugby match - the showdown of the Six Nations Championship - and it didn't disappoint (well, some of us anyway!).


I could write a whole post on the match, but all I will say is that tensions definitely built up at home (what with Dave being English and all), and let the pictures tell you the rest!

Ladies, you're welcome!! (posted by @mikephillips009)

Can you spot the Welshman on BBC's coverage?!?
Sunday morning was spent preparing Megan for her dance presentations and competition, which meant lots of hair spray and sparkle!  Megan has done a fair few of these presentations (her dance school are current British Latin Formation Champions), but her partner Zoe has only just started.  Therefore, we were very pleased and proud when they came back with this 2nd place trophy from the Cha Cha final!!

Zoe & Megan 

All that was left was a pork roast dinner and the weekend was rounded off perfectly :)
I hope yours was just as good.
A xx


  1. Wasn't the game AMAZING! Oh my gosh, so much tension going into the build up...ooo and thank you for the delicious picture of Mike's abs...yummy!

    1. It so was! Every player was outstanding! I did so well restraining myself from jumping around the room in celebration as I was watching with Dave. It must be love haha! He most certainly is!!

  2. Ah, thank you for commenting on my blog so I can come over here and have a read :) Megan is gorgeous!
    p.s thank you for the man perv picture. YUMMY!!!

    1. Thank you for taking a look around! :) She is a little cutie, when she is behaving! You you're more than welcome, it just had to be included ;)


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