Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Lazy Mornings

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, cold admittedly but the sun was shining and I was eager to get out (bonus; sunglasses and red lippy turn an outfit and tired eyes into instant glam!).  After driving into Bath, we stopped for hot chocolate and a browse around the shops before returning home to walk the dogs around the village. By 4pm the temperature had seriously dropped and it seems that it was the day for all the farms in the village to be lighting bonfires. Combined with chimneys spouting out smoke from the log burners that heat most of the homes here, we were taken straight from a spring like day back to winter.

This morning however is the polar opposite, thick grey clouds and rain greeted me as I pulled back the curtains making me thankful that it's half term and  I could climb back into bed. Our days in the holidays usually consist of leisurely mornings, followed by venturing out somewhere for the afternoon and home for dinner. Today, even the dogs seem reluctant to leave the house although if the snow that I'm now watching fall outside settles I'm sure that it will turn into a different story. For now though, I'm tuning back to a cup of fruit tea, attending to some unsent emails, quite possibly followed by a nap. After all, half term is meant as a rest surely? 


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