Monday, 13 May 2013

Weekend Break

First of all I am behind in my Blog Every Day in May posts. The reason for this being that Megan last minute, went on a school camp as there'd been a cancellation, so I headed over to Clifton to stay at the flat with Dave for the weekend. We decided to take some time out from the routine we normally have on a weekend as we don't get the chance usually, and it was wonderful. We ate out lots, lay in bed in the mornings and went shopping. Just what I needed to take my mind off worrying about Megan.

Not the best pic, but I was trying to snap it quickly without being seen!

 I found some stunning Jimmy Choo's, a Victoria Beckham dress and vintage Chanel bag in Harvey Nichols. Dave couldn't understand why someone would pay £4,000 for a bag that had a previous owner and my reply of "it's not used, it's vintage" didn't help matters! (Maybe I could use that as part of my Go Green BEDM post - to help the environment always buy Chanel vintage not new!).

At least my mum understood! ;) We then popped to Cafe Rouge for a two course lunch before I tried on some more dresses for a wedding next month. I've finally chosen one, will just need some new shoes and accessories - shame.

After going back to the flat (where I fell asleep as Dave watched the FA Cup Final), we got changed and went for dinner at Raymond Blanc's restaurant, Brasserie Blanc. The food was AMAZING, seriously good. The rum and raisin panacotta was so good that I need to find a recipe for it.

Sunday morning we visited my grandfather before I had to go into work for a few hours. Dave picked up Megan who'd had a lovely time (apart from a brief homesickness wobble Saturday night).  She quickly became grumpy fro over tiredness though, so we cuddled up on the sofa before putting her to bed. Soon after, we went to bed to watch a Victorian set crime drama and cuddled up with this little man. 

Now it's Monday again and I'm hoping that I can remember how to cook and it's the to catch up on writing some posts.

I hope you had an amazing weekend.

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