Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Food, Glorious Food - Clean and Lean Cinnamon Toast

I love food, especially clean, delicious recipes. Whilst I try to maintain that 80-90% of my food is clean and healthy, I do of course like anyone else enjoy a treat.

I saw this recipe on Ellie Gonsalves blog (http://elliegonsalves.blogspot.com/) and adapted it to make it gluten free.  This is possibly my favourite breakfast of the week and has become a Sunday staple!  Most definitely a treat breakfast but has the bonus of being totally clean and lean!

  • 2 pieces of gluten free bread (or organic rye bread)
  • 2  organic free-range eggs, 
  • 1/2 tsp of coconut oil, 
  • Half teaspoon of cinnamon, 
  • Organic raw honey
  • Handful of your favourite chopped fruit 
  • Prep time - 5 mins
    Cooking time - 5-10 mins

    Firstly, grab your free-range eggs & break them into a bowl, sprinkle the cinnamon on top & whisk it together!

     Then what you need to do is take your bread and soak it into the whisked cinnamon egg.

    Take your 1/2 tsp of coconut oil & heat it in a non-stick frying pan (Be sure not to burn, don't turn the heat up too high!) then put the soaked cinnamon rye bread into the pan once heated & cook it on both sides until a golden-brown colour this will happen after 2-3 mins. 

    After you've cooked your cinnamon toast, top with a handful of your favourite fruit, (mine are cherries, blueberries and bananas) and natural yoghurt if desired :)

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  1. I have still not tried this, but this weekend I will get it all and then enjoy :) xx


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